Photo processing

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  1. Split into folders: YYYY-MM-DD_description
  2. Download to temp location: Desktop/toProcess
  3. Cull photos
  4. Copy folder of original files to backupDrive/Photography/Originals/YYYY/folderName_ORIGINAL
  5. Exif routine
  6. Geotag
  7. Move folders to backupDrive/Photography/Finished/YYYY/folderName
  8. Move .RAW files to backupDrive/Photography/RAW/YYYY/folderName_RAW
  9. Panoramas
    • Split panoramas into separate folder: backupDrive/Photography/Panoramas/YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD_panorama
    • Make panoramas
    • File copy of panoramas with finished photos
  10. Videos
    • Move videos to xxx/YYYY/folderName_VIDEO
  11. Post to Flickr
  12. Post .zip file to Dropbox
  13. Post .zip file to personal server

Photo projects: